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Stripping and Blanking is one of the most diverse areas of steel rule diecutting. Stripping of waste material can be accomplished in many ways, from on-press, to post-cutting using simple tools, to dedicated stripping machines. Wagner carries a wide range of stripping and blanking supplies, from simple hand-operated stripping hammers, to powered stripping equipment, to EasiBlank blanking frame kits, and much more! Wagner is also an authorized distributor for Bobst parts and supplies for autoplatens including stripping and blanking components.


Stripping and Blanking Supplies.
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Stripping Pins
Spring Pins
Inca Stripping Nails
Stripping Hammers & Tips
Female Clamping Jaws
Trim Breakers
EasiFoam Stripping Foam
Centerline Products
Distance Spacers
EasiBlank™ Frame Kits & Accessories

Speed Bars

Powered Stripping Equipment
The Grabber from Wagner
Stripping Rule
Stripping Claws
Lower Stripping Pins
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