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Henderson Storage Systems, by Wagner Die Supply, provide die industry professionals with a line of specially-designed and manufactured storage systems for flat dies, rotary dies, printing plates and printing ink. These versatile units provide a safe and efficient way to store steel rule dies. No more stacking dies in corners, no more repairing due to damage from improper storage, Henderson storage racks keep your dies safe and in top condition for the next time they are used. Henderson Storage units are easy to assemble and are easy to expand. Transfer carts are also available for secure transport of dies and plates. Henderson Storage Systems are designed to be rugged and durable and can be easily integrated into just about any die shop.

Rotary Die Storage Units
Platen, Bobst & EasiBlank™ Die Storage

Offset Litho & Thin Plate Storage

Ink Pail Storage Units
Transfer Carts
Mounted & Unmouned Printing Plate Storage
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