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Creasing Matrix & Tools from Wagner.

Matrix is an ever-evolving product in the steel rule die industry. New materials, processes are constantly being introduced to take advantage of ever-increasing press speeds. At Wagner we carry a wide range of creasing matrix products and related tools. And, we're constantly improving our line adding the latest products from the industry's leading manufacturers. Contact us for the lastest and best in Creasing Matrix options to maximize your productivity!

Bobst Metrix - Metal-Based Matrix
CCM Matrix Metal Based Matrix
CCM Marathon VF Fiberboard Based Matrix
CCM Plastrix Plastic Based Matrix
CCM Bench Miter Press

CCM Pink Matrix

Dolphin Cutter
Bobst Syntrix - Plastic-Based Matrix
Bobst Fibrix - Pressboard Based Matrix
Bobst PINK Matrix
Bobst Corrugate Matrix
CCM Miter Pliers
CCM Corrugate Matrix
Bobst Bench Miter