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At Wagner, we're committed to value and giving our customers a competitive 'edge' in the market. We back our products with the very best in tech support, from our knowledgeable customer service team to timely articles and newsletters - all in an effort to help you get the maximum benefit from every product we sell. Below is an archive of tech articles and newsletters, as well as our most current catalogs to assist you in the optimal use of our products. However, should you ever need technical help or assistance, please contact the Wagner Customer Service Team with any questions you have!

2016-Wagner Product Catalog!

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2016-Wagner Punch Catalog!

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Wagner Henderson Storage Systems Catalog!

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Wagner Newsletters & TECH Articles
Valu-Edge TECH Newsletter
Optimizing punch performance; Punch cutting pressure; Wagner Inside-Inside Serrated punches; Wagner Custom Punches. Click Here to Access!
Die-Gest Newsletter - Summer 2016
Click here to access!
Die-Gest Newsletter - September 2016
Click here to access!
New products, ejection materials, punch tech, and tips!
More new products, mini quoins, hex key, Citri-Flo, stripping pins, claws and other pins!
Die-Gest Newsletter - Fall 2016
All about Henderson Die Storage Racks and Transport Carts! If you own dies, there's a Henderson Rack for you! Click here to access!