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Introduced in 1994, the Wagner Extractor 2000 was, and still remains, a revolutionary advancement in rule pulling technology. Now, nearly 2 decades after its introduction, it remains as an industry standard. Wagner Extractors pull rule straight up, minimizing damage to the kerf, and making the re-ruling of dies a quicker operation. And, Extractors pull rule while the operator's hands and fingers are safely away from sharp die surfaces. Extractors are easy to use, and come with a full set of pins and urethane pads that allow it to be used on even the most complex die configurations, a handy caddy is included to keep everything ready for use. Replacement jaws are also available, in the standard width or narrow width. Only Genuine Wagner Extractors are exclusively designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. using top-quality components!

Wagner's Extractor 2000 - the best and safest way to pull rule!
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Extractor Jaws
Extractor Pads
Replacement Jaws

Caddy with Pads and Pins

Extractor 2000 - pulls rule straight up, keeps hands clear of sharp die surfaces!
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Extractor 2000 Wagner 70th Anniversary Edition - features a dark silver finish and commemorative 70th Anniversary Logo - available for limited time!
NEW-Improved Jaw Locating System
All Extractors with serial #s 52-001 and higher have the improved jaw locating system. The lever arms have pins installed to locate the jaw and prevent them from shifting.